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What you should know

about your:


Lower Extremity Arterial

Duplex with Doppler



Your physician may have ordered this examination because of tingling and/or numbness of the legs and/or feet, cramping of the legs, cold and/or discoloration of the legs and/or feet, thick nails, history of blocked arteries, diabetes, diminished pulses, and/or other multiple reasons. 







A lower extremity arterial duplex is a noninvasive examination that consists of imaging the major arteries that supply blood flow to the legs and feet. 

Harmless sound waves are bounced off your arteries and then sent back, converting the images on a screen and videotaped.  These images are used to see the blood flow through your arteries.  The technician will also be listening to the blood flow using Doppler.





No preparation is required.



LENGTH OF EXAMINATION                     

Approximately 1 hour.





You will change into a gown.  Warm gel will be applied from the groin to the back of the knee and at your feet.    

The technician will proceed to image with the ultrasound machine.   

THE EXAM DOES NOT REQUIRE THE USE OF ANY NEEDLES, DYES, OR RADIATION.  Some degree of apprehension is normal, but most patients find that the examination is much less unpleasant than anticipated and do not experience any pain.  So, just sit back and relax!


AFTER THE PROCEDURE                       


After the exam, a Cardiologist reviews the images and interprets the test and the results are sent to the ordering physician. If you are a Consultants in Cardiology patient, a follow-up appointment to discuss your results should be  made within one to two weeks. 


You can resume your normal daily activities after your examination.



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